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My third novel. A hostage crisis unfolds when Russian paramilitaries occupy Crimea as the political drama of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution envelops the lives of some very different Americans. 90,000 words.

My fourth novel. Examines the life of Claire Parker, New York real estate speculator. From Ivy League colleges to Wall Street, set during the halcyon decade of the 2010s. 100,000 words.

My second novel. Explores the startup culture of a group of Blizzard programmers who quit the Valley and move to the Silicon Forest, Oregon, to make a revolutionary video game called Hecate. Set between September 2019 and July 2020. 110,000 words.

My first novel, a study of the lifestyle of Pacific North West high-school graduates set during the cultural touchstone year of 2003. Takes place in the Republic of Cascadia, an alternative history ecotopia. Written between 2014 – 2018. 220,000 words.

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Screenplay Adaptation

Adaptation of Peter Watts’ 2006 science fiction novel Blindsight, written in 2013. 35,000 words.

Non Fiction

My first book, a history of British naval aviation during the First World War. Based on my PhD thesis research (2012-2018) on British naval aviation development. Published in 2021 by Routledge. 120,000 words.

My second book, the first history of the Air Department of the British Admiralty. Founded by Winston Churchill, the Air Department was a prototypical think-tank and joint operations centre, responsible for global air operations amidst a torrent of administrative, political, and technological upheaval. The Air Department was at the forefront of 20th century military revolution. 100,000 words.

My third book, a history of the Royal Navy in the 19th century. Focuses on British naval policy, seapower, and imperial defence in the Victoria and Edwardian age. 150,000 words.

My fourth book, a history of Allied naval strategy in the Pacific theatre. Begins with the London naval limitations conference, focus on maritime warfare in the Second World War, and concludes with studies of Cold War limited warfare from the Korean War to the Eisenhower Era. 120,000 words.

About Me

“There is nothing more satisfying to me, than to create a complete self-contained world when a computer is controlling it.”

Jim Clark, quoted in Michael Lewis’ The New New Thing


I am a historian who specializes in defence studies.
I completed my PhD thesis with the Defence Studies Department at King’s College London in 2019.

I am the creator of the Canadian War Studies Association, and AirSpace Historian.
I enjoy soccer, skiing, and graphic design.


Alexander Howlett | History of Warfare | Defence Studies

howlettalexander [at] gmail.com

@Suetonius_ & @Thucydides_

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia

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